Ocean Biogeochemistry

Marine Biogeochemistry is devoted to the understanding of biogeochemical processes in marine systems, including the marine boundary layer. It aims to publish innovative insights into all aspects of marine biogeochemistry in both the open ocean and shelf seas. Marine Biogeochemistry focuses on the ocean's role in the biogeochemical cycling of selected elements and the impact of humans on the cycling of these elements. Among the topics covered are the chemical composition of seawater from the perspectives of elemental speciation and the impacts of solutes on water's physical behaviour, biogeochemical phenomena which control accumulation and preservation of marine sediments; marine chemistry of radioactive and stable isotopes; and seawater pollution. The book contains many examples as well as steady-state models to aid readers in understanding this growing and complex science.

  • Biogeochemical Modelling
  • Chemical oceanography
  • eutrophication of surface waters
  • Global change and Climate change
  • biogeochemical prospecting for ore deposits
  • Coastal biogeochemistry
  • Tropical marine microbiology
  • Aquaculture in the future

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