3rd International Conference on
June 22-24, 2015 Boston, USA
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Theme: Ocean Science: Understanding its various Processes and Effects

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OMICS Group Conferences feel proud and honored in inviting the contributors across the globe to its premier 3rd International Conference on Oceanography (Oceanography-2015) to be held during June 22-24, 2015 at Boston, USA. 
The previous two editions of Oceanography Conferences were held at Orlando-Florida, USA (Oceanography-2013) and Las Vegas-USA (Oceanography-2014) and had achieved a grand success. Now it is the time for the 3rd International Conference on Oceanogrphy to address new challenges and emerging issues in Marine Science, Geological Sciences, Ocean life and Ecosystem.
Oceanography-2015 is the forum which brings together a unique and International mix of experts from both academia and industry from all around the globe to exchange their knowledge, experience and thereby build an Oceanography researcher community. This forum enables a common platform where any participant can discuss their research in order to establish a scientific network that binds together the academia with industry leads to foster collaboration and to evaluate the emerging issues, technologies in the ocean science and engineering arena to explore new possibilities and improving the existed opportunities.
We welcome contributors from all relevant fields of marine science and engineering, not limited to the specific conference themes.  A comprehensive range of topics including ocean and climate changes, recent advances in marine science, technologies in conquering the ocean, ocean exploration, ocean ecology, climate change, natural hazards, coastal erosion, marine pollution and issues, chemical, physical and biological oceanography, ocean environment and costal restoration, GIS and remote sensing technologies related to ocean science, offshore structures, ocean natural products and marine biotechnology will be covered by international and local speakers. The Conference will also schedule and coordinate meetings with our Editorial Board Members and other experts across the world.
The study of the ocean and its allied topics is termed as oceanography. Oceanography is an interdisciplinary study. It is an amalgamation of several areas of science, and it is commonly diversified as physical, chemical, biological, and geological oceanography. The study of the ocean and its allied topics is termed as oceanography. Closely correlated fields are the maritime law, marine technology and effects of ocean pollution. The marine biologists investigate the marine ecology, life in the ocean and the total organic production in the sea. Marine geologists map the ocean floor, examine shoreline complications and investigate the sediments of the ocean floor as well as the rocks of the bottom crust.
Altogether the research goals of oceanography tend to focus on extreme studies of smaller ocean areas by teams representing each of the broad oceanographic disciplines.
The diversification in the oceanography research area is broadly categorized in four major sub-disciplines. The major trends of specialization include the aspects of biological research, physical research, geological research, and chemical processes research of the marine environment.
Oceanography field of research requires a broad understanding of diverse disciplines, ranging from biological study and ecological study to applied physics and applied chemistry to history and geology.
The associated exhibition will run in parallel with the conference and definitely it will offer you the chance to get updated information from companies active in your area of interests.
This is an open event, we welcome and invite you to participate in this prestigious conference to make event as the best conference of Oceanography in Boston, USA.
We look forward to an exciting scientific event in the beautiful city of Boston.


Conference Highlights

  • Oceanography, Global Warming and Climate Alteration
  • Marine Science and Engineering
  • Geological Sciences
  • Coastal and Marine Resources: Sustainability
  • Renewable Energy Technology associated with Marine Technology
  • Pharmacological, Natural and Chemical features
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Technology
  • Marine Pollution and its Management
  • Ocean Life and Ecosystem
  • Natural Disaters in the Ocean
  • media partners
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    June 22-24, 2015
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